MediSpa Collagen Cream



Collagen Cream is rich in Marine collagen, Irish Moss Seaweed extracts and vitamin E. This silky cream flows on the skin perfectly preparing the skin for makeup, protecting the skin from external damaging effects.




Bella Nail Studio and Boutique: MediSpa collagen cream

As far as skincare products go, collagen is a staple ingredient. It’s known that protein makes up 75-80% of skin and collagen is the most plentiful one. As people age, it also diminishes and the skin loses its firmness and wrinkles begin to show all the time. 

Not all is lost though. Products like MediSpa Collagen Cream can replenish and protect the skin moisture barrier. This means that your skin will remain moisturized, promote skin elasticity and suppleness.

The hydrating formula of MediSpa Collagen Cream is rich in marine collagen, algae extracts and vitamin E will keep your skin looking young and fresh. Aside from these, it also contains Oligogeline that helps prevent water loss and protect your skin by forming a film on its surface. It provides immediate hydration to soften skin texture.

Additionally, it contains Nalidone, the sodium salt of Pyroglutamic acid, which helps the balance of oils and fats on the skin. This means that the skin will have a smooth and healthy surface glow. However, as we age, Nalidone also diminishes causing the skin to lose its tightness.

Meanwhile, the wheat germ oil in MediSpa Collagen Cream helps in retaining moisture in the skin. This means that your skin won’t dry too quickly, and will also prevent wrinkles from showing up. 

The antioxidant compounds in wheat germ oil also nourish the skin’s moisture barrier to help retain moisture longer. It also reduces visible effects of skin ageing including dryness, laxity and wrinkles without aggravating them.

What causes collagen loss?

While it’s great that there’s a way for us to replenish collagen, it’s best to know how we lose it too. As mentioned, collagen is lost as people age. It mostly starts to diminish starting in your 20’s. However, another contributing factor is the UV rays of the sun. It breaks down the skin’s connective tissues which can lead to wrinkles. This is also why sunscreens are important.

Moreover, studies show that more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes can destroy collagen and elastin which are the skin’s connective tissues. Smoking, or even being near second-hand smoke, will degrade the building blocks of skin.

Sugar, through the process of glycation, also causes the cross-linking of collagen which results in the stiffening of the skin and the loss of its elasticity. The sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins and produces advanced glycation end products. This then damages proteins in the body like collagen.

Whether you’re just starting your skincare regimen or have been doing it for a while, it’s a good idea to add collagen to it. Here at Bella Nail Studio and Boutique, we’ll be glad to help our customers. 

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