Bella Nail Studio and Boutique: Services

Bella Nail Studio and Boutique: Services

Most people don’t skimp on taking care of their personal hygiene. They take care of their bodies through skincare routines, tooth care, and hair care. However, some of them forget that fingernails and toenails are also part of the body that needs regular maintenance too. 

Here at Bella Nail Studio and Boutique, we help take care of you and your nails to keep them strong, healthy and pretty. With regular care and professionals to help you, your nails will remain healthy and beautiful. 

Aside from your nails, our helpful staff will also make sure that your hands and feet are taken good care of. Find out more about which procedure is the right one for you.

Acrylic Nail

If your nails are damaged or broken, it’s not advisable to apply nail polish on them. It’s also unhealthy to keep reapplying nail polish as it can further damage your nails. Bella Nail Studio and Boutique can apply acrylic nails to help protect your nails and keep them looking good.

These are made by mixing both liquid and powdered acrylic to form a soft ball we can shape into nails. We can also apply polish to these without causing damage. Applying acrylic nails does not only protect your nails from further breaks or damages, but it will also prevent nail biting.

Gel nails

There are also other ways to keep your nails looking good while preventing damage. Like their acrylic counterpart, gel nails can also be applied without damaging your nails. 

Your nails are first covered in a base coat before applying the polish and then topped with another coat. Then, your nails are placed under UV light after each coat to cure and harden. Once this is done, your nails will always have that glossy, freshly manicured look.

While acrylic nails can provide better protection, gel ones are easily removed and won’t damage your nails. However, gel nails tend to peel or lift at the corners. This means that it’s time to remove them and get a fresh coat, something acrylic ones can’t do.


Gaps usually appear between your natural and your false nails when your nails grow out. Don’t worry! You can definitely save those beautiful sets of nails by letting Bella Nail Studio fill in the gap. We treat the lifted nails and fill in the gap with acrylic or gel. Once hardened, we file and shape the nail and apply a fresh coat of polish to keep them looking new.

Filling the gaps also helps to restore the balance between your natural and false nails. Aside from this, Bella Nail Studio will also be happy to assist you with shortening your nails or even applying a different colour. 


Of course, we’ll be glad to help you keep your natural nails looking clean and nice. Bella Nail Studio can also manicure your nails. Our friendly nail technician will take care of your hands and nails. They will make sure that each session will be painless and gentle to your nails.

We’ll file and shape your nails to your desired shape, pushing and clipping any non-living tissue, and treat them with various liquids to keep them healthy and strong. We then apply nail polish to make your nails unique and look good.

Acrylic toes

Like your fingernails, your toenails can also experience damage and breakage and are often forgotten to take care of. Since they’re always hidden inside shoes, it’s not something that people usually go into the trouble of taking care of. 

However, there are moments when they need to be seen and would be nice to see looking good. Bella Nail Studio can also apply acrylic toes to keep your natural nails from breaking and keep them looking pretty.

There are a few things to consider when using acrylic toes. It takes getting used to when you have it, especially when wearing shoes. That’s why you need to consider what shoes you’ll be wearing so our nail technicians can help you adjust their length. 


Bella Nail Studio does not only take care of your hands, we’re also here to help take care of your feet. We also file and shape your nails to your desired shape, and remove any dead tissue around them. Aside from treating your toenails, we also remove dead skin cells from the bottom of the feet to keep them soft and supple. 

A regular pedicure also helps with keeping your nails trimmed and your calluses controlled. We also provide a great foot massage that not only helps keep your skin moisturized but also relieves tension and stimulates blood circulation. We do not only massage your feet but also your lower legs for a more relaxing session. 


A medical pedicure is a treatment that focuses more on your foot health. This treatment is performed by a Podiatrist and is done in a sterile environment. They examine the nails, skin and feet as a whole to understand the issue. 

Medical pedicure usually treats damaged or weakened nails, warts, blisters and calluses, athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails, and cracked heels.

Despite the medi-pedi being a medical procedure, we at Bella Nail Studio still provide a luxurious and relaxing treatment. Our professional and friendly Podiatrists will definitely take care of you.


Here at Bella Nail Studio, we pride ourselves on making customers feel welcomed and leaving relaxed and rejuvenated too. Reflexology involves applying pressure to your hands and feet to remove or lessen pain in the body. 

Our reflexology services will cater to your needs and remove stress and tensions from any other part of your body. By applying pressure to specific areas in your hands and feet, it helps remove energy blockages and promote health. 

Additionally, adding pressure on these areas will help balance your nervous system. It stimulates the release of endorphins that can help reduce pain and stress. 

Here at Bella Nail Studio, we have 30-minute and 60-minute sessions depending on your needs. Take note that reflexologists usually tend to put more time into an area if they feel that it has more tension than others.

You can consult with us by phone or online so we can schedule an appointment for you. Walk-ins are also welcome, and our reflexologists will be happy to provide an assessment after a quick consultation.

Ion Foot Detox

Aside from reflexology, we also have an ion foot detox which is said to help pull harmful toxins out from inside your body through your foot. Your foot is soaked in water and the hydrogen in it is given a positive charge. This, in turn, will attract the negatively charged toxins in your body like a magnet. 

Foot soaks are also a great way to relax after a hard day’s work. It also helps with reviving the blood circulation in your feet and is also beneficial if you’re experiencing an athlete’s foot.


Aside from taking care of your hands and feet, we’re also here to help you take care of unwanted hair by waxing. By using a sticky substance like wax, we’re able to remove hair by the root which often weakens it. 

This will make the hair finer and sparser with repeated and regular waxing. It also helps to make hair grow slower.

Waxing is safer than shaving, saving you from cuts or nicks caused by shaving. Your skin will also be smoother and won’t leave stubbles that cause rough, abrasive skin. Since there are only minimal amounts of chemicals involved with waxing, it rarely causes any skin irritation and allergies. It is also an effective method to remove large amounts of hair.

Here at Bella Nail Studio and Boutique, we provide one of the best waxing procedures. We offer waxing eyebrows, lips, chin and hairline. Our friendly and professional staff will make sure that you’ll be leaving our studio with smoother, hair-free skin.

Bella Nail Studio and Boutique Services: Visit us!

Manicures and pedicures are not just for special occasions. Remember that you need to take care of your nails regularly. Our goal in Bella Nail Studio and Boutiques is to provide customers with the care and attention they deserve. 

Our services are here to meet your needs with our friendly staff ensuring that you will leave our studio feeling more relaxed. With the services we offer, we hope that we can make women feel more confident. We want to help them have strong, healthy and beautiful nails that they can be proud of. 

We’ll be right here once you’re ready to come in for your nail care needs. You can definitely contact us or set up an appointment online, or you can visit us at the studio anytime. We always welcome walk-ins and we’ll be glad to have you at the studio. You can also shop in our online store or head over here for our beauty products.