Bella Nail Studio and Boutique: Products

Bella Nail Studio and Boutique: Products

Skincare has been a part of the daily regimen of women and even men around the world. Following a regimen strictly helps keep your skin healthy and in good condition. An effective routine can help prevent skin blemishes like acne, treat wrinkles, and help your skin looking young and fresh.

While you do have to follow your regimen strictly, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Most skincare tips are hard to follow but most of them say one thing: it’s important to moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated. 

Bella Nail Studio and Boutique have been helping our customers take care of their skin. We’ve provided different services and regimen to help our customers keep glowing, beautiful skin. 

Remember, skincare doesn’t stop with just one or two sessions of keeping it healthy. It needs to continue and be followed religiously. Good thing that Bella Nail Studio has our trusted products that customers can use! 

With 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, we can guarantee that customers can use these products to take care of their skin.

MediSpa bio-cellulose stem cell mask

Everyone wants to keep their face younger and beautiful. Our MediSpa bio-cellulose stem cell mask is specially formulated to rejuvenate skin. Bio-cellulose stem cells have active ingredients that can repair skin and keep it beautiful. It also has properties to soothe the skin and keep it supple and youthful.

MediSpa cannabis hair treatment bundle

Obtaining more voluptuous hair is now possible at home with our MediSpa cannabis hair treatment bundle. A compound found in the cannabis plant called cannabidiol can make your hair shinier. It also has antioxidants that keep your hair healthy and strong. 

The Elderflower extract in the shampoo is also used for its soothing emollient and mild astringent properties. It works well to keep hair hydrated and make it feel soft and silky. It also contains antioxidants that naturally repair split ends, problematic dryness, and contribute to healthy-looking skin and scalp.

MediSpa charcoal purifying tissue mask

Activated charcoal has been gaining popularity for skincare and for a good reason. They not only remove toxins from the skin, but they can also soak up dirt and oil. 

Bella Nail Studio’s MediSpa charcoal purifying mask’s natural gritty texture will work as an exfoliator. This means that the mask will scrub away dead skin to reveal new ones and a brighter complexion. It also contains PoreAway which helps with keeping your skin clean.

The PoreAway is based on an astringent ingredient extracted from the bark of a mastic tree. This aromatic resin not only tightens the pores but also refines the skin and smooth imperfections by visibly improving skin quality. This is done by refining its texture and removing skin shine to keep the skin smooth and refined looking.

MediSpa clarifying peach micellar water

Micellar water is widely known as a cleanser, attracting dirt and removing any buildup on the skin. Peach, meanwhile, is known for tightening pores and helps nourish, refresh and brighten the skin. This means that MediSpa Clarifying Peach Micellar Water is one of the best skincare products you can use to keep your skin looking young and fresh.

It is an all in one cleanser that can be used as a make-up remover, facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. While you can use it as a standalone cleanser, you can definitely incorporate it into your regimen while using other cleansing products. 

MediSpa Clarifying Peach Micellar Water also includes aloe vera which is known for healing dry skin and as a moisturizer. It can easily penetrate the skin to add nourishment and moisture.

MediSpa cleansing gel

If you need a deep cleansing face wash, then MediSpa Cleansing Gel is for you. By unclogging your pores, it allows a thorough cleansing, removing dirt and excess oils. MediSpa Cleansing Gel also has a soothing quality, alleviating redness and irritation making it not only perfect for fighting acne, but also preventing it as well. 

The MediSpa Cleansing Gel also contains Laminara extracts which are rich in minerals and trace elements that soften, smooth, and tighten the skin. You can also include this in your daily regimen as it is suitable for daily cleansing. 

It also has menthol which aids in deep cleansing, tightening the pores and restores skin radiance. It also has anti-bacterial and astringent properties which help with keeping your skin free of acne.

MediSpa collagen cream

As far as skincare products go, collagen is a staple ingredient. MediSpa Collagen Cream works by adding the needed hydration of the skin, as well as supporting its elasticity. 

The hydrating formula of MediSpa Collagen Cream is rich in marine collagen, algae extracts and vitamin E will keep your skin looking young and fresh. It also reduces visible effects of skin ageing including dryness, laxity and wrinkles.

MediSpa hyaluronic 24k gold serum

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural moisturizer. It occurs naturally on the skin and captures moisture in the air and retains it in the skin. This helps keep the skin vital and Elastic. MediSpa Hyaluronic 24k Gold Serum’s 24k essence also promotes metabolism. It brightens the skin and delays signs of ageing by smoothing wrinkles.

The gold included in MediSpa Hyaluronic 24k Gold Serum helps in rejuvenating the skin. Meanwhile, the Jujube fruit extract included in the serum also delivers intense moisture, nourishment and revitalization to the outer skin layers. It has also been linked to reducing the look of acne scars and age spots, keeping your skin looking young.

MediSpa hyaluronic cream

Aside from the gold serum, you can also use MediSpa Hyaluronic Cream to keep your skin moisturized. Using a cream at least twice a day will keep your skin hydrated and prevent new lines from forming. It also protects the skin, increasing cell production leading to smoother, plumper skin cells. 

Squalone, a botanical lipid mirroring skin lipids, is also included in MediSpa Hyaluronic Cream. This natural emollient helps lock moisture into the skin and reverse signs of ageing and ease dry patches. Meanwhile, shea butter is a rich source of antioxidants. It also includes vitamin A which helps improve the look of wrinkles and vitamin E which prevents skin flaking and dryness.

MediSpa hyaluronic mask

Cleansing your skin and keeping it moisturized is essential in any skincare regimen. All the dirt and grime accumulated in your skin will definitely damage it. That’s why it’s important to take care of it, even while you sleep. 

With MediSpa Hyaluronic Mask, you’ll be able to keep your skin hydrated. The gel texture of the masks penetrates your skin while you sleep, creating a barrier to prevent dryness overnight.

MediSpa lime margarita deodorant

A natural gelled deodorant stick, Medispa Lime Margarita Deodorant uses a vegetable protein that neutralizes the enzymes that cause odour. It’s free of aluminium which has been known to clog pores to prevent sweating.  

MediSpa Lime Margarita Deodorant has ingredients like chamomile flower extract. This helps with soothing your skin and keeping it cool. It also contains castor oil that has soothing and moisturizing properties without blocking the pores. The citrus grandus seed extract included also has excellent anti-bacterial and cleansing properties. 

MediSpa sensitive skin cream

This light texture cream is ideal for the most sensitive skin. The azulene, vitamin E, aloe vera and horse chestnut extract also helps repair and heal sensitive dry skin. The azuline, an antioxidant from chamomile oil, is an effective moisturising treatment. 

Meanwhile, the horse chestnut extract promotes toning and strengthening dry skin. It also reduces the look of wrinkles with its moisturizing ability.

MediSpa white tea eye gel

This hydrogel serum reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. The cooling formula of the white tea leaf, allantoin and euglena extract in MediSpa White Tea Eye Gel help revitalize the tired skin. It can also be used as a spot treatment on the forehead, lip wrinkles and deep creases in the neck.

Bella Nail Studio and Boutique: Get professional help!

While the number of products listed here might be overwhelming, rest assured that you don’t have to use each and every product at the same time. You can still consult with us and our skincare experts will be glad to help you clear the confusion. 

Our friendly, professional staff will work hand in hand with our customers to give them the best advice for their skincare. We will ensure that every customer will know the right regimen for them and the rightful product to help them.

Here at Bella Nail Studio and Boutique, we will not only take care of our customers, but we will also help them to take care of their skin at home. You can definitely set up an appointment online or visit us at the store anytime!