Bella Nail Studio & Boutique: Nail care tips for women

Bella Nail Studio & Boutique: Nail care tips for women

When it comes to keeping good hygiene, you have to look after your nails and make sure they are presentable. Having strong, healthy nails can make a good impression on people you encounter every day. 

It is one of the best forms of self-care you should consider, helping you boost your confidence and maintain a decent appearance. However, your nails are prone to damage, especially when you don’t pay much attention to them. 

If you forget to trim and polish your nails, they will look worn out over time. It can feel a bit embarrassing to have poorly maintained nails when you are meeting a client or going on a first date with someone. 

Aside from making your personality look better, your nails also serve to protect the tip of your fingers from wounds and scratches. Follow these nail care tips to keep them healthy and strong:

Moisturize your nails

Just like your skin, your nails need moisturizing from time to time. Applying moisturizer can protect them from damaging air particles, preventing your nails from becoming too brittle. You can either apply petroleum jelly or soak your nails in olive oil to keep them hydrated. 

There are also cuticle moisturizers you can buy at the nearest drug store. However, if you still struggle with brittle nails, wear gloves when doing the dishes and avoid hot showers. 

Cut nails straight across

When trimming your nails, use sharp nail clippers and cut straight across. This prevents ingrown nails that are uncomfortable and, at times, painful. Also, trim your nails after taking a shower or washing your hands so they’re softer and easier to cut. 

Make sure that your clippers are clean and disinfected! Wash them regularly using detergent or antibacterial soap to keep them sanitized and germ-free.

Be careful when using nail polish

Be mindful of the nail products that you use! As much as possible, do not use nail polishes that are too harsh, especially the ones that contain formaldehyde. They can cause your nails to become yellowish, eventually weakening them in the long run. 

When it comes to nail care, you have to be careful about the brands that you use. Failing to do so can expose your nails to dangerous toxins which can cause permanent damage.

Don’t bite your nails

While this tip is easy to follow, nail-biting can be a difficult habit to break for some people. Repeated nail biting can damage the tissue that helps your nails grow, which can result in unpleasant growth. It can also transfer germs from your mouth to your nails, making you more vulnerable to infection and disease. 

To help you curb your nail-biting habit, try to keep your nails trimmed at all times and get regular manicures. You can also protect your nails from applying nail polish that tastes bitter, which is a proven way to discourage you from biting your nails. 

However, nail-biting may be a sign of a psychological problem. Consult your doctor if this issue becomes persistent.