Bella Nail Studio & Boutique: Choose the right nail color for you

Bella Nail Studio & Boutique: Choose the right nail color for you

A beautifully groomed nails shows that a woman enjoys taking care of herself. Whether you prefer going to the salon for a manicure and pedicure or doing your nails at home, the act of polishing your nails and cleaning is an act of self care. 

Don’t you just hate it when you adore the nail color in the bottle but when it is already on your nails, you end up not liking it as much. Nails nowadays are a major part of completing a look. 

There is a nail color perfect for every event or occasion that can help change your look. This is why we at Bella Nail Studio & Boutique Nails provided a guide for you ladies to help you choose the right nail polish color.

Check your skin tone

The first thing to consider when you want to do your nails is your skin type. All humans differ, so it is important to know your skin tone to determine the right shade of nail color for you. 

People with fair skin, blue eyes, red hair, and freckles look perfect with dark colored nail polish like red, violet, black. Those with fair skin and are blonde and with blue eyes look perfect in bright lighter colors like orange and pink. Girls with light brown skin who are mostly of East asian origin such as Chinese and Japanese look perfect wearing nude colors. Then lastly, dark skinned people look great with any nail color. 

We at Bella Nail Studio & Boutique offer  good nail products with a variety of color choices that will definitely look good on your skin tone. 

Ask advice from a manicurist

Sometimes, we just don’t know what nail color shade to use. It can be really annoying and time consuming at times. Ask advice from a manicurist at the salon if you are having a hard time choosing the best nail color to complete your look. Asking 5 colors to choose from will help you decide what color to pick.

Your manicurists know every color in the salon and deal with a lot of customers everyday. All you have to do is explain what look you are trying to achieve or what color you want and they will definitely help you out.   

Bella Nail Studio & Boutique Nails Located at TAG Hokusinsaibashi Building Osaka Japan is a salon that offers you a consultation area where you can ask questions regarding your color choices or the nail art you prefer. All you have to do is bring a picture and we will be happy to provide you with glossy and beautiful nails of your choice. 

Try it out in one finger

Before diving into the color of your choice, ask your manicurist to color out one nail. Testing it out first to see if you like how the color looks on you.. This will also allow you to change the color immediately if you end up not liking the shade, instead of asking the manicurist to redo the entire session.