Best hand and nail care tips you should know

Taking care of your hands and nails is one of the most overlooked routines. This is one of the reasons why several people have cracked palms and ragged cuticles. Taking care of your hands and nails does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can use any product that suits you.

Nicely done nails do not mean that you are completely taking care of your nails. Taking care of nails means that you always keep them clean and healthy.

Wondering how you can keep your hands looking healthy? You do not have to look further because Bella Nail Studio & Boutique has got your back. Here are some of the tips we have compiled for you: 

Avoid using cuticle cutters 

It is best to avoid using cuticle cutters and use a cuticle cream or oil instead. It is also not recommended to have your cuticles removed because they might grow tougher or more jagged especially if it is not done properly.

Use hand moisturizer 

The reason why your hands are dry is because of the frequent use of hand soap or alcohol. What’s great is that some products are now made with moisturizing properties. So, use products that have moisturizing properties in them. 

Use a nail polish remover

If you want to remove your nail polish, it is best to use a nail polish remover instead of forcibly removing them with water. Removing your nails by scraping them off might cause scratches on the top layer of your nails. Do not use acetone because it is too harsh for your nails and skin. It can dry your nails and cuticles out and makes them prone to breakage. 

On the other hand, apply a base coat before reapplying nail polish. The base coat acts as a protective layer for your nails. 

Do not bite your nails  

Even if your mannerism is biting your nail, try your best not to. Biting your nails will only result in uneven nails and scarring. It is highly recommended to find another way to cope up with stress. You can even use a fidget spinner to avoid biting your nails.

Keep a manageable nail length 

If you are the type of person who is always on the run, you should keep a manageable nail length. Do not mind if your peers have long fingernails, what’s important is that you are comfortable moving around.  

Use gloves

When using strong cleaning chemicals to do household chores, it is highly recommended to wear gloves to avoid damaging the outermost layer of your skin or even staining your nails. After removing your gloves, remember to wash your hands thoroughly and moisturize afterwards. 

Overnight hand mask

To make sure that your hands and nails are moisturized, you should use an overnight hand mask. What’s great is that there are a lot of overnight hand masks in the beauty section of a pharmacy or a supermarket. You can even create your own hand mask by applying a hefty amount of moisturizer and covering it with 1 ply of tissue.

If you are looking for some tips on how to maintain healthy-looking hands, Bella Nail Studio & Boutique has the best recommendations for you.