Burns Beauty Academy

Our Beauty Academy is set in the Bella Nail Studio. Each course is run and taught by Kim Burns, the president of the academy. After the formation of the school in 2001, Burns Beauty Academy quickly became one of the most well respected nail schools on Vancouver Island. What had originally set out to be a small operation, has now expanded into a full fledge beauty academy where graduates are consistently finding career success in the nail industry.



Kim is no stranger to the nail business. With over 25 years in the industry you’d better hope she knows what she’s doing. Kim originally grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she mastered the trade of nail technology, played a vital role in a thriving nail salon, and successfully launched her first nail studio. Kim exudes passion, just ask any one of her hundreds of clients. And Bella Nail Studio is just an extension of that passion.

Originally formed in 2001, now 15 years later, she has 2 full-time staff and her own nail school called, the Burns Beauty Academy. To this day, Kim’s clients know and love her and her students look up to her. She remains current in the beauty industry. So If your looking for that exceptionally flawless set of nails, look no further.

ACR 101: The Acrylic Nail

Learn the art of the most sought after nail; acrylic. Nail technology & anatomy, nail preparation, natural nail overlay, nail extensions, sanitation & disinfection, fills, salon etiquette, and gel polish. In addition, nail art education is available.

Approx. 40 hrs  

Tuition. $999.00

GEL 201: The Gel Nail

Experience and learn the clear beauty of the gel nail. Gel application and a no lift nail technique. Fills, gel overlays, white gel, gel polish, client consultation, appointment booking, LED + UV lamp safety, allergic reactions, and gel curing.

Approx. 40 hrs

Tuition. $999.00

ESTH 301: Manicure & Pedicure Esthetics

Master the essentials of esthetics.  Manicure, pedicure, and facial waxing.

Approx. 16 hrs

Tuition. $895.00

*  Mandatory supplies kit one time purchase fee of $999.00


Due to the incredible interest and limited availability most courses are subject to a waiting list. Contact us today to secure your spot! Reservations only accepted by phone.

Call now to secure your spot: 250-756-9192